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Benefits of Being a Listed Dealer

There are many reasons to become an HAI listed dealer. Some of the benefits include:
  • Homeowners Can Find You. Consumers considering home automation visit the HAI website and find their dealer through HAI’s dealer lookup pages.

  • Sales Leads. HAI provides listed dealers with sales leads generated through HAI’s marketing and sales efforts.

  • Broader Access to Knowledge Base. HAI provides listed dealers with access to more Knowledge Base articles than the general public.

  • Support Websites. HAI provides listed dealers with a support website, as well as access to a private Dealer Forum.

  • Marketing Assistance. Download and use HAI’s logos and high-quality images of HAI’s products in your marketing and sales efforts. Listed Dealers may download editable versions of HAI’s brochures to customize their marketing message.

  • Early Access to Information. Be first to get information about HAI’s products when they are released. Receive monthly Dealer Newsletters.

  • Model Homes. Listed dealers can get their Model Homes placed on HAI’s website for free.
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Infitel Dealer Program

The Infitel Dealer program acknowledges Infitel ’s outstanding dealers each year for their loyalty to Infitel’s products, expertise in their field, the number of installations of Infitel systems done in the previous calendar year, and marketing savvy.

Infitel’s Five Star Dealers receive an enhanced dealer listing on the Infitel website with the Infitel Dealer logo.

Each Dealer receives the Infitel Dealer logo to use in their marketing. Moreover, these dealers receive a wall plaque showing their Dealer status to the customers that visit their office.

Every Dealer that wants to be considered for Five Star status submits an annual application, including those that were previously awarded this designation. You must be an Infitel Listed Dealer to be eligible for Five Star Dealer consideration.
How Do I Become a Infitel Listed Dealer?

In order to become an Infitel dealer listed on Infitel’s website, you must complete the following requirements:
  • Attend at least one Infitel Training class. By attending a class you will be given Guest access to the Dealer Support website.

  • Complete the installation of at least three Infitel systems.

  • Agree to strictly adhere to all technical standards as instructed in the Infitel Training class.

  • Commit to providing professional excellence and customer service in the installation of all Infitel products.
After completing these requirements, fill out an online application on the Guest Dealer Support Website. Your application will be reviewed by Infitel’s sales staff, including the Sales Territory Manager responsible for your area. When you are approved, you will then start enjoying the benefits of being a Listed Dealer.